5 places to know by bike in Rio de Janeiro

5 places to get to know by bike in Rio de Janeiro

That Rio de Janeiro has one of the most beautiful borders in the world we already know! And nothing better than cycling around Rio’s main beaches and sights! Here in the city, you can take a Bike from Itaú, where you can pick up and drop off at stations throughout the city. There are several points scattered throughout the South Zone and the tour we recommend is this one!

You can start at Flamengo or Botafogo beach, which has a beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro’s Marina da Gloria. Following cycling, you will pass by Praia Vermelha, which by the way is a great place to watch the sun rise, and Morro da Urca, where there is a trail to the Sugarloaf Cable Car.

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Continue cycling along the Copacabana waterfront, one of the most extensive and beautiful in the world, with the city’s traditional boardwalks. On the way, you will pass by the statue of Carlos Drummond de Andrade until you arrive at Pedra do Arpoador.

From Arpoador you can see the stunning Morro dos Dois Irmãos.
Arriving at Pedra do Arpoador, which is a perfect place to watch the sunset, go to Ipanema, and from there you can turn right to go to Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, which is 8km long, complete with many attractions around you, bars, restaurants, pedal boats, decks, activities such as Yoga, skates, among others.

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And finally, if you want, go back to the shore and go to the end of Leblon, where there is the Pontal do Leblon where you have a view of the shore and the sea.

Bike Itaú has several plans for you to choose from, and if you want to take breaks on the tour, you can return at points throughout the city.

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Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro
The best place to stay is in the South Zone. We recommend the Ipanema Beach Hostel, in Ipanema and the location couldn’t be better, on the block from Ipanema Beach – South Zone of the wonderful city – where you can watch the sunset up close most applauded in Brazil.
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