3 ways to fly around Rio de Janeiro

Why walk when you can fly? Definitely Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful places to see from the top. With the mix of sea and mountain, Rio has a unique beauty that attracts many tourists to fly! Here are the best tours that include flight and adrenaline!

Helicopter Flying

One of the most incredible experiences to do in the city. The flight leaves Jacarepaguá airport, lasts 30 minutes and passes through the main tourist spots in Rio, along the beaches, including Cristo Redentor and Pão de Açúcar. There are 4 people in the helicopter, the pilot and 3 more people. This tour is wonderful and a unique experience in life, as we can see Rio from a different angle, flying over the entire West Zone to Cristo Redentor and the main beaches and peaks of a helicopter!


Parasail flying

How about getting to know Rio de Janeiro by parasailing? That’s what @parasailinrio provides! The complete tour lasts 2 hours by boat, 10 to 15 minutes flying, and can reach 80 meters in height! The boat leaves the Marina da Glória. It’s super fun and different, being able to see Rio from another angle! The team is super professional and the flight depends on weather conditions. They offer GoPro for the photos!

Parasail in Rio - Voo de Parasail
Flying by Hang Gliding or Paragliding

There is no better place than Rio de Janeiro to fly hang gliding or paragliding. The double flight can be performed without prior experience. Accompanied by an instructor certified by CBVL (Brazilian Confederation of Free Flight), and after a brief training, you can now fly! The meeting point is at the Kiosk Voo Livre in São Conrado! Once there, climb up to Pedra Bonita, which is 520 m high and takes between 6 and 10 min.
In the paragliding flight you will be seated on the instructor’s lap, with different angles for 360-degree photos. In the hang gliding flight you go on the instructor’s side, with side and front camera.

City Tour - Asa Delta - Parapente - TopTransfer Brasil

The two flights are incredible and leave from Pedra Bonita, in São Conrado. Before scheduling, the instructor checks the weather and wind conditions for greater safety.
These three tours are excellent for those who want to know Rio de Janeiro from the sky! After all, why walk when we can fly? At Ipanema Beach Hostel we can recommend the best ones to do these tours. So, what’s your favorite? We love them all!

Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro

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